Solar Panels

Solar PanelsEver wanted to look into switching from electricity to solar power? Brighthaus LLC has contacts and relations with the highest quality local contractors to help you switch to the cleanest solar power source for your home.

Solar Window Screens

Solar Window ScreensTypically manufactured windows can create an oven effect in a typical home. Brighthaus LLC can set you up with Solar Window Screens to block out the heat while still maintaining a window’s visibility keeping your home significantly more comfortable and your A/C unit working less! By blocking the heat from the outside your…


RoofingGoing solar is an excellent solution to our country’s electrical consumption, and while solar paneling is great, many customers forget to assess the integrity of the roof it is going on. With our thorough and qualified team, we offer transparent analysis to identify and assist with qualifications for new roofing programs to enhance the efficiency…

LED Lighting

LED LightingLet Brighthaus LLC help you replace energy-efficient and costly lightbulbs with LED lighting. We can help you cut down your electrical consumption and decrease your monthly payments substantially! With available resources and materials to replace lighting indoors and outdoors, let Brighthaus improve your home’s efficiency in all areas!

Efficient Windows

Efficient WindowsWith the help of local window installers, Brighthaus LLC provides a cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your home’s energy costs. By incorporating the use of local incentives and programming your financial requirements will be determined on a case by case basis ensuring you get the best deal possible with the highest quality…

Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star AppliancesLet us help you find opportunities and resources to acquire energy-efficient washers, dryers, and refrigerators to decrease your energy consumption, monthly bills and increase your home’s overall performance!